At AECOM, we are committed to helping national governments and non-governmental organizations around the globe build a world that is safer, more secure, democratic and prosperous. Our mission is to support countries, communities and businesses to respond to the extraordinary challenges of today’s interconnected and fast-paced international environment and take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities it presents. We facilitate economic and social development in developing countries and transitional economies through technical assistance for capacity building and training. AECOM designs, implements and evaluates programs funded by major international donors (EuropeAid, World Bank, InterAmerican Development Bank, SIDA, …) in private sector development, trade and competitiveness, public finance management, education and social development, governance and rule of law, rural development, and water, sanitation and climate change. AECOM International Development Europe has carried out more than 700 projects in 165 countries worldwide

Our core areas of expertise include: