Economic Development,Trade and Competitiveness

AECOM provides strategic advice and practical support to sponsors of large-scale integrated economic development programs worldwide. Our teams assist counterparts in the public sector to develop economic zones, cluster developments, transnational regions, sub-national regions and cities. We design and implement policies and plans that transform the economic environment at a local level, directly improving the quality of life and increasing economic opportunities for communities and businesses. Furthermore, AECOM works with governments and the private sector around the globe to establish policy environments that favor enterprise growth and encourage competitive economic participation. Our teams support international counterparts in reducing the costs faced by businesses and investors when operating across borders. Through tailored advisory services, we help create a freer, less restrictive international trading environment that makes it easier for enterprises to deliver their products to markets. Our work falls into the following technical areas:

  • Internationalisation and export promotion
  • Economic Development
  • Trade policy and negotiation
  • Foreign investment
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building
  • Technical and SPS trade barriers
  • Clusters
  • Competitiveness and SMEs
  • Regional development
  • Certification and accreditation

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