Public Finance Management

AECOM provides technical advisory services to counterparts around the globe to help our clients’ regulatory systems reform, strengthen the public administration and modernize the financial sector by establishing and enforcing critical market-supporting institutions. To ensure that these policies are successfully implemented and enforced, our PFM department provides an array of capacity building services to government institutions - economy and finance ministries, treasury offices, tax and auditing departments, national statistics institutes, regulation and cadastre offices - including institutional strengthening, training and administrative reform in projects related to :

  • Public Financial Management reform 
  • Fiscal policy and debt management 
  • Budget support; general and sectoral focus 
  • Public Administration reform
  • Financial system and capital markets 
  • Public Statistics 
  • Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Assessments 
  • Macroeconomic policy 
  • Banking and Financial sector

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