Following a growing concern among the development community for greater efficiency and impact of all programs, as well as an increasing demand from our partners to engage in monitoring and evaluation exercises, we have created an M&E Unit. This new Unit will centralise all of our evaluation activities, building on a solid expertise and further enhancing our capacity to deliver a high quality product, focusing on what we believe to be an essential tool to ensure effectiveness of all development interventions.

With more than 25 years of experience in the development area, and a strong network of development partners, we have often been requested by its clients to conduct monitoring and evaluation exercises, providing products that allowed for them to revise and improve the design of future interventions as well as measure and disseminate the real impact of their interventions on the ground, gaining recognition and further support from their financial partners. These evaluations also helped our partners to better understand how to improve the efficiency across its global management system, better focusing their activities and use of scarce resources, thus increasing the overall short and long term impact of their interventions, and increasing the chances of their interventions being sustainable in the long run.

The M&E Unit will allow us to continue delivering high quality evaluation and monitoring services, by maintaining and growing its client portfolio as well as ensuring the quality of all in-house evaluations, while responding to current demands for greater analysis of real impact of development interventions on the ground, for which we will be including econometric (using STATA and other statistical experimental and non-experimental analysis tools) and economic analysis as part of all our proposals.