Expert Centre

The Expert Centre is not only a new department but a new philosophy; a vision to provide excellence and empathy in equal measures.

The Expert Centre was launched to be the department that sources and identifies the best experts from around the world. The tools and processes that form the foundation of the centre are aligned to the exact same quality procedures that AECOM IDEV Europe is renowned for.

The magnitude of investments in ICT, technical training of key staff, along with the experience and best practices obtained from dealing with experts 24/7 has created a unit ready to provide continued assistance to both our clients and experts whenever required.

The ethos of empathy that is core to the philosophy of the Expert Centre is what sets it apart from its competitors. A service centre for experts created to provide deeper level of support, from keeping experts updated on upcoming projects matching their profiles to assisting them in changing career directions. A centre created to be a guardian body, acting as a single point of contact for all our experts to raise their needs and concerns.

This deeper support sets the foundation of trust between AECOM IDEV Europe and the experts it contracts, resulting in better working environment and a longer more sustainable relationship.